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Hello friends! My name is Tom Kuegler. :)

I’ve been writing online since 2016, mostly on Medium, where I have 62,000 followers and 1,000+ articles published.

Since 2016 I’ve written about life lessons, travel, relationships, and creativity.

Here, though, I write about writing.

I created ‘Mind Of A Writer’ to help new bloggers find their way mentally. Much of the struggle for newbie writers isn’t even about their actual writing.. It’s about getting started, overcoming fear, and believing they have something valuable to say.

Most wannabe writers write two or three times then quit. That’s sad. I don’t want to see that. So I made this publication to help you tackle the mental game and approach this life-changing practice in a healthier way.

I also like publishing advice to help you grow your Substack publication. So look out for that, too.

If you want great writing/social media advice from someone with lots of skin in the game, you’re in the right place.

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Steel your (writing) mind. My goal is to instill a first-class writing mindset in you so you can stay motivated and accomplish your writing dreams.


Blogger. I teach people how to build a following online. Writes about life, social media, entrepreneurship, and travel.